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Upgrading to a virtual server has a lot of advantages. It saves energy, increased uptime, quicker disaster recovery, and much more. We have vast experience in Microsoft Hyper-V, cluster services, VMware, Citrix, and Linux based solutions. We will make the best recommendation as per your business requirements.
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To optimize your business performance you should improve your technical infrastructure. Server virtualization is a perfect way to switch from those bulky, stagnant and expensive servers that take up space and incur huge maintenance expenditure. Server virtualization is now synonymous with success as its cutting-edge technology presents opportunities that are not possible to implement with the old system of data management.

What Is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the process of masking server resources, including the number and identity of individual servers, processors, and operating systems, from the server users. Virtualization deploys software to channelized one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments.

A virtual private server is shared by multiple users who each have control over it. In simple terms, virtualization converts one physical server into multiple virtual machines that can independently run on their own operating system. Some of the benefits of server virtualization are:

  • Less Expense – By optimizing your server you will no longer need additional servers even as your business keeps growing.
  • Quicker and Faster – Running your business on multiple isolated virtual environments rather than one physical machine handling all the pressure speeds up your applications, programs, and files, making your staff much more efficient.
  • Better Disaster Recovery – You no longer need to fear disaster as server virtualization moves your data from one server to another quickly and safely.
  • More Productivity – Less physical servers means more space and less maintenance. You no longer need to startup your bulky systems to begin working on your next project. Virtualization now does all that for you in minutes. As a result, your IT staff will be able to focus more on important initiatives and enables your employees to focus on your business rather than on your infrastructure.

Customized server virtualization services have proven to help many businesses increase their productivity and cut costs while keeping data safe and secure at the same time. Stop wasting your time on an outdated server. To get your money's worth and save time, upgrade and go virtual today.

VPS Hosting From Leading Providers

At REALTIME Technologies, we work with the best to give you cutting-edge virtualization solutions. REALTIME Technologies supports solutions from Dell, Microsoft, HP, Citrix, and VMware.

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Protect your business from disaster with server virtualization. You can work from anywhere with the help of REALTIME Technologies.

Life is Easier With Server Virtualization

The technology that powers your business should never run slow, have backup solutions and should not cost you tons of money at a time when there is a better alternative solution. Server virtualization cuts costs, speeds up systems, improves data backup speed, and increases productivity. The sooner you use a virtual server, better will be your business. Contact us today.