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Migrating to a cloud platform is one of the best choices a business can make. There are many advantages that you can access right away, but finding the right cloud to suit your business is another challenging job. This is where REALTIME Technologies comes in the picture. We assess your requirements and recommend the best cloud for your operations.

One popular choice is a public cloud service. They are cloud environments managed and supported by a third-party vendor. REALTIME Technologies will manage and maintain your relationship with these industry-leading options. We already have tie-ups with these providers:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace
  • Egynte
  • Jive

The key having good working public cloud partnership is a good internet connectivity and powerful network planning. REALTIME Technologies is your all-inclusive service partner and we will supply both. We will introduce you to the vendor that is best suited for your business, manage the relationship, and optimize your business operations to support the collaboration.

Cloud-Based Computing Empowers Your Business.

With our trusted vendors, we offer the best service of every organization.

Advantages Of Public Cloud Computing

The cloud is not only a storage service. The moment you start linking your business to a cloud, no matter the type, you will see a growth in your mobility and ease of access. Cloud data centers allow you to access your data from anywhere where there is an internet connection. When it comes to data security, cloud managed services are among the most secure in the world. It is like putting your money in a bank vault. Security is best handled by experts.

Every cloud infrastructure comes with a host of advantages, but the public cloud has benefits of its own. The third-party cloud vendors that REALTIME Technologies will connect you with have big data centers that are supported by nationwide networks and redundant servers to support your data in case of an outage. As the actual hardware is owned and managed by a third-party, you will spend less money than a private cloud option.

Our Services Depends On Your Needs

REALTIME Technologies has years of experience working on public cloud platforms for our clients. We can even customize how you can take advantage of the public option, it can just be for cloud storage, or it can be part of a broader hybrid cloud strategy. We customize our service as per business requirements.