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Moving to a new location is often quite stressful for many, but REALTIME Technologies guarantees you peace of mind during and after as your technology is in good hands. Our existing clients have called on us whenever they move to a new location or set up new infrastructure centers. They know we always delivered.

In the moving process, we help you design and structure your new services, help you move in, and be there to manage them in the years ahead. Commercial relocation is not like moving your furniture or file cabinets. You can hire any moving company for that. Commercial office relocation involves planning and precise execution to get your business the best it deserved in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

We Make Moving To A New Location Exciting.

REALTIME Technologies is here to make sure you hit the ground running.

Commercial Office Relocation Is Challenging

Commercial relocation is one of the toughest decisions most businesses had to make as it involves considering the timing of transitioning internet/phone services and making sure emergency services are not affected for existing clients. Your new building will require new access points or cabling layout. Our vast experience becomes your biggest asset when it comes to relocation. There won't be any disruption in your operations.

If you are also taking advantages of other services we offered, our relocation can make things easier for you. When REALTIME Technologies is already looking after your data backup, disaster recovery, and VoIP phone systems, moving them to a new location is much simpler. Just give us 6 to 8 weeks for proper relocation planning, to engineer and structure your move. However, we have been able to perform a move in lesser time in the past.

Obviously, the more time on hand, the easier your transition will be. Our service area for office relocation reaches a 12-14 mile radius of our offices, and we are also willing to take on clients in the greater Los Angeles areas like LA County, Ventura County, and San Bernadino County.

A Relocation Comes With Opportunities

Unlike other commercial moving services, REALTIME Technologies service comes with an eye for improvement. There might have been some limitations in your old location or services that were too expensive. So, we suggest you better, yet much cheaper systems and hardware that will be better than what you already have. We will study your new space and recommend the best methods and practices.

We give more thoughts about the future of your business than the placement of your furniture and equipment. For REALTIME Technologies, a full-service move means an in-depth look at how your business operates and coming up with the best ways to improve your services. Enhance your systems and gear up for a brighter future by using our relocation service today.