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We are a Downtown Los Angeles-based Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). We make technology work for your business.
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Companies are now taking a focussed approach in order to drive successful business and such operations require the deployment of the best available tools. REALTIME Technologies is equipped with the best practices and technologies so that you can focus on your business. Even as many businesses try to rely on their solid digital infrastructure there are always bumps in the road. There is also a struggle to maintain the technology and at times snags occurred hindering productivity instead of helping. Some of the common hurdles business owners:

  • In-house IT personnel: Hiring staff to manned IT operations for 24/7 is a bug challenge. First, it is difficult to find the right person. Secondly, it is very expensive. You will spend more money than an in-house expert and they may not even deliver results when you need it.
  • Casual Experts: Many business owners failed to understand the real value of a superior IT service. They think they can get an issue fix by calling up a relative or freelancers. The end result is an amateur fix to an issue that may be even bigger. Applying band-aids is not an effective way to address business problems.
  • MSP Provider: We admit that we are not the only managed IT service provider, but we can declare that we are better than most when it comes to prevention and fixing things. We have many customers who come to us after their previous service provider failed to meet their IT needs.

REALTIME Technologies is more than a managed IT services provider, we are passionate about your business success as we know your success means success for us. We will walk the extra mile to enhance your business goals.

Your Business Deserves Dependable IT Support

Our state-of-the-art technologies will ensure you always stay ahead of your competitor and within your budget.

We Guaranteed to Optimize and Propel Your Business

It is quite common that some business leaders are hesitant to partner with a managed IT service. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of how much such services can contribute to their business. Some business owners think that they can save money by having one of their cousins to fix things for them, but in the long run, they really are missing out on many opportunities that could propel their companies to greater success.

An in-house IT personnel is another common practice which pulled back a company. By using this form of support, you will be required to manage and pay all the necessary benefits. However, with our managed service you will get the opportunity to work with our diverse team of experts by simply paying us a monthly fee. You need not worry about managing human resources and other costs. As such, our service is not only cost-effective but you get better services by utilizing our talents and superior methods and practices.

Our resources are all set up solely to help your company get the best of what you need. As such, we guaranteed you peace of mind that your technical infrastructure will be reliable and stable at all time. REALTIME Technologies will deliver a lot more improvements to your business operations, but most importantly, we ensure your business a service you can count on.