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Our mission is to ensure that your technology is working for you and not vice versa. And the most effective way to do is by having an excellent network security and compliance. We will ensure that that your security architecture is always stable and dynamic as your business grows. All security arrangements are aimed at maintaining the integrity of your systems and to defend your productivity. The same applies to your network.

The big challenge is between the differences in securing your systems and at the same time be in compliant with regulations. Ensuring your network safety and defending is a different process than just being in compliant with industry standards of your business. Both are crucial for your business, but here on REALTIME Technologies we treat them differently. We provide network security and compliance via a trusted outsourced partner service provider.

By partnering with another service provider, REALTIME Technologies takes precautions to only create relationships with reliable providers and those having a sterling track record. We will also continue to be the single point of contact for clients for services like this. This security arrangement makes the process streamlined and straightforward for you and your staff. You will always be able to reach out to us for any issue.

Take Advantage Of Our Excellent Services Aided By Trusted Partners

This is one of the advantages of working with REALTIME Technologies.

The Critical Difference Between Security and Compliance

Regulatory compliance standards are framed to establish a line in the sand, a minimum industry practice everyone should meet or face action. REALTIME Technologies and our third-party service providers will make sure that your network and operating systems are always in compliance with all the necessary regulations. This will save you from penalties, fines, and legal action.

When it comes to defending your network and systems from security threats, it is not enough to comply with regulations. We know our skills and we understand the value of getting services from an expert provider. We have deals with security professionals to protect your business and give you the best information security tools and techniques involving intrusion detection and response.

Real-Time Fix For Real-World Problems

The possible penalties and legal action which come with a drop in compliance will have a negative impact on your productivity and revenue. A data breach or network incursion can disrupt your entire operations and have the same result. Whether it is making sure that your systems are in compliance with industry standard or eliminating security risks, it all boils down to defending your productivity. Simply put, it is much more cost-effective if you take precautions. REALTIME Technologies and our select partners will make you feel more secure about your network.