The Latest Cyber Security Trends

A lot of cyber security experts have talked about the latest trends in online security and at the same time there are lots of speculations on what will dominate the cyber security industry in 2020. As a business owner, you too should be conscious about the security trends and challenges ahead.

This week, we came across a brief, yet realistic observation on the future of cyber security. According to Sarah Guo, General Partner at Greylock Partners, security trends would be more than fundamental. The industry will be “experiencing tectonic shifts”.

“The magnitude of change that enterprise IT is going through (architecture, cloud infra and SaaS) brings for security models is vastly underestimated. There is an entire generation of multi-billion dollar security companies that have a largely on-premise business not particularly relevant to the cloud/hybrid world,” she wrote on Quora. 

She also said that people will have to start thinking about managing security “from an identity, data and distributed application and environment architecture perspective (vs. focusing on endpoints, network perimeters, etc.) and dealing with dramatically more challenging compliance and data sovereignty environment.”

She also noted the skills of attackers and their ability to adapt to new challenges. She said that “adaptability of attackers and scale of environments is also overwhelming the manual labour, processes and approaches we have today — so a move to automation platforms, ML-based approaches, and more distributed security that engages end users are the only scalable paths I see out of that challenge.”

Those points are secular changes that people will reckon with far beyond 2020, she added.

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