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It is not always feasible for some organizations to hire full-time employees to solely focused on IT related stuff. Here is the good news: It is now possible for a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to do the same job done by a traditional CIO; and with the assistance of an expert, your business can focus on making strategic decisions and business goals. REALTIME Technologies offers you quality consulting services and the expertise of top-level employees to help your company grow.

Top-Level IT Engineers At Your Service

Our highly qualified IT engineers will work towards achieving your business goals. Unlike other IT consulting services in LA; we don’t assign a junior level employee to do the job of a vCIO. If you invest in all-inclusive managed IT services with REALTIME Technologies, a c-level staff will be assigned to you for consultation. This means a high-level engineer and someone with business acumen will be assigned to work for your business.

Some of the benefits of a virtual CIO as against hiring an in-house staff:

  • Predictable tech budgets
  • Lowered operational costs and improved productivity
  • vCIO’s analyze, report findings and make recommendations
  • Secured business environment and continuity with disaster recovery and compliance
  • Revenue growth as a vCIO works to improve your bottom line

Some service providers offer a one-size-fits-all remedy for your IT needs, not REALTIME Technologies. We believe every business is unique and that uniqueness is their success mantra. So, we strive to understand what your needs and goals are as soon as we start working with you. In this process, we can customize your system to fit your unique needs. For instance, one aspect of IT consulting services is visiting your office and making sure all your technical infrastructure is working properly. We will come up with a quarter, bi-annually, or annual report, so that you can make an informed decision.

More About Virtual CIO Services

A virtual CIO performs many of the duties that an in-house IT staff would. However, we walk the extra mile to ensure that your IT objectives are in sync with your organization’s objectives.

  • Plans and develops IT roadmap, IT strategies and IT budgeting
  • Assistance with the maintenance and development of your unique IT plan
  • Examination & IT audit consultation, including how to respond to any IT-related questions
  • Planning for disaster recovery

Our unique and comprehensive managed services and vCIOs are designed to take your business to a higher level.

What's The Cost Of Hiring a vCIO?

We put your budget to work.

Set Up Your Business for Success With IT Consulting/vCIO Services From REALTIME Technologies

At REALTIME Technologies, we understand your long-term business objectives, that’s why we provide customization to fit the needs of each client. As a dedicated vCIO service provider we will help you at every stage of IT planning and more. For top-notch IT consulting and vCIO services contact REALTIME Technologies now.