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Choosing The Best Cloud Platform

Most cloud service providers try to sell cloud server as something close to a one-stop-shop for fixing all the woes of your business. REALTIME Technologies, however, understands that cloud computing resources work best when they are customized as per your needs by real experts. You can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud service when we make recommendations that will ultimately improve your operations.

There are many options when it comes to cloud computing. Hybrid cloud is one of the most common solutions as it combines both private and public cloud resources. A hybrid cloud solution allows you to dictate which services go where and how the entire cloud infrastructure is arranged. This platform allows you to reap the best features of all the cloud models without having to worry about the weaknesses.

Get the Best of Both Cloud Solutions

Selecting the right cloud hosting solution can be a challenging task since private and public cloud services have their own limitations. Therefore it is important to understand the pros and cons of both. REALTIME Technologies will help you assess your situation and come up with the best recommendations to suit your business.

Private Cloud Hosting:

  • More customizable
  • Tight control over management style

Public Cloud Hosting:

  • Better computing power
  • Less expense on upfront hardware

Therefore, a hybrid cloud model is much more preferable as it allows you to get the benefits of both systems while avoiding the disadvantages like lack of control over public clouds and high upfront costs of a private system. A hybrid cloud offers versatility and several setup options. In general, it is a combination of local and off-site resources. We will work with you and your staff pick the best place where your information can be stored. Often the most sensitive data stays in on-premise resources, and your bulk information can run more efficiently on a public data center. All of the cloud options offer powerful data security, but private systems are strongest.

A Good Place To Start

Despite all of its advantages, there many people holding out against a cloud environment. The hybrid model is the perfect place to put your feet into the cloud. You will be able to see the cost-effective values and also the benefits of the management tools. Once you have seen the power of the cloud, we are convinced you won’t want to go back. REALTIME Technologies offers a variety of cloud configurations to help you find the best infrastructure to optimize your operations.