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Communication Is Your Key To Success

The manner in which your staff and colleagues communicate among themselves and the outside world are indications of how your business works. Effective communication makes a lot of difference between success and failure. With all the advantages brought by today's technology, you should take every opportunity to push forward your business. In this area, REALTIME Technologies can help improve the overall operations of your business is with our state-of-the-art VoIP solutions.

We have tie-ups with some of the best names in the industry - Jive owned by Log Me In - to deliver effective and advanced phone service. You will be able to do video conferencing and larger conferencing to every part of the country. REALTIME Technologies has the infrastructure to work with many types of hardware and communication applications in a seamless manner.

Business Phone Systems Comes With Many Benefits.

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A Feature-Rich Strategy

A VoIP service is a cloud-based telephone system that relies on either a private network or an internet rather than traditional phone lines. VoIP systems come with a host of advantages over the traditional phone:

  • Mobility: By using a VoIP, your phone number can travel with you from the office to multiple locations in the outside world. It can also transfer from desk to desk when making a move.
  • Cuts Costs:It is less expensive. In addition, there is no extra cost on long distance calls.
  • Productive: Our hosted VoIP solutions have multiple ways to interface you with your colleagues and clients. You can forget dropped calls or poor connections. There are also features like video conferencing and screen-sharing to serve your clients better.
  • Opportunity: One of the most difficult things in customer service is developing effective communication. Dropped calls or long waits are very bad. Ever dropped or missed calls is a missed opportunity for your business. VoIP phone systems come with auto attendant and unique call routing that will dynamically manage your call waiting so that no caller is waiting too long or goes unnoticed. Our system will make communication with your customer much more efficient.

Optimizing Your Communications

The ingredient that makes a great difference between poor and effective communications is the type of infrastructure that supports your systems. While we have tie-ups with an excellent hosting service provider, it is our data enginees who actually streamlined your system to work for your business.

REALTIME Technologies has over ten years of experience in implementing hosted VoIP solutions. Our motto is simple: technology should work for you and should not stand in your way. We will upgrade your phone systems from the traditional setup to an industry-leading standard, and that too at a minimal cost.