Four Hacks from Microsoft to help SMBs up their Cybersecurity Game to Enterprise Protection

– but Not Break the Bank! (by upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium!)

Pasadena, CA February 9th, 2021.

With the average cost of cyber attack for businesses ringing up a mind-boggling $4 million, according to the Ponemon Institute*, and the fact that less than half of the organizations surveyed in the 2020 Global Security Survey on Cybersecurity identified that nearly HALF (47%) of those same SMBs are evening monitoring their networks for maleware or advanced exploits targeting WFH employees, it’s time for Business and IT Thought Leaders to evaluate stepping up their Cyber Defenses!

But with reduced revenues, furloughs and other financial challenges businesses face from the COVID-19 Pandemic, how do leaders from the C-suite to the keyboard find ways to spend more when their IT budgets shrinking?

Answer: Consider upgrading your business’ to Microsoft 365 Business Premium with advanced Cybersecurity features. You can do this for around $20 to $30 per user per month depending on your needs and compliance requirements (e.g. HIPAA, Financial, Legal, Insurance or CMMC). 

Here’s why:  A strong case can be made for Microsoft 365 Business Premium. For example, for up to 300 users, Microsoft 365 Premium** costs the same as Office 365 E3, but offers significantly greater security features, including:

  • Advanced threat protection helps guard businesses against sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks designed to compromise employee or customer information.


  • Identity management helps protect organizations from sign-in risk, access attempts from an unexpected network or locale, access attempts from risky device types, and more.


  • Device & app management allows for additional security features, such as management of MacOS devices, iPhone, and Android devices, along with advanced device management for Windows.


  • Information protection allows control over sensitive information in email and documents, with controls like “Do not forward” and “Do not copy.” It also allows for the classification of sensitive information such as “Confidential” and the specification of how classified information can be shared outside and inside the business.

Furthermore, the same Ponemon study found that nearly two-thirds of businesses report that access to business-critical apps has increased, and that the average business has over 51 such applications, with 56% of those being accessed by mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets – creating tenuous cybersecurity blind spots and unmonitored vulnerabilities. Worst of all, according to Ponemon – the average time for detecting a cyber breach is a staggering 6 months or more!

Clearly, COVID has created a new WFH dynamic, with many businesses establishing permanent work from home policies – even in a post COVID world. Given the untenable cost of data breach and hugely increased attack surfaces due to remote infrastructure, isn’t it time your business considers stepping up its cyber defenses?

Realtime can help – we’re Microsoft Partners, and can easily upgrade your business’s cyber hygiene. So the question you should be asking is – why wouldn’t’ we upgrade our business’s cybersecurity posture and is it worth $20 a month for each employee to reduce our vulnerabilities against advanced threats vs. the risk of a $4 million liability?  At Realtime, we think it’s a no-brainer. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your network security and infrastructure. We can also assist with penetration testing and compliance health checks.

We’re here to help! Realtime can be reached at (213) 797-5600 or


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by Michael Flavin, CISM, CHPA, CyRP

Director of Managed Security Sales & Marketing

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