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Complete Data Backup and Recovery Service

An ideal IT security service must have an excellent and secure data backup system for their clients. We work with superior system offered by Unitrends to backup your files, databases, or your entire computer files to prepare you for worst case scenario like a cyber attack, natural disaster, or some unforeseen disaster.

On-Premise and Cloud-Based Data Backup

We offer both on-premise and cloud-based backup solutions. The cloud is nothing but a collection of data centers which will host your backup data and files in a secure environment. CoreSite is our data center provider and we can vouch for their high-level security and capabilities. We also provide on-premise backups of your data. This means that we make a copy of your data using your hardware/storage device at your location.

Unitrends Backup Software

Unitrends is an all-in-one virtual backup system for your hardware or the cloud. Their backup software is simple and easy to manage. Their system is highly optimized and designed for high-speed performance under different settings. An online data backup adds value to your business operations and security. REALTIME Technologies staff are experts in making Unitrends work for you. We will ensure a system works for you and not the other way round.

CoreSite Data Centers

We use CoreSite as our data center provider. CoreSite is known for building top-notch security and reliable data centers. By partnering with CoreSite, we are able to offer unmatched and highly secure cloud-based data backup solutions to our clients.

Be Ready For Any Disaster

We are always ready to face any disaster. Thanks to our comprehensive managed IT services which include state-of-the-art data backup and protection services. Our data backup services are designed to keep crucial data secure no matter what happens. We ensure that there are multiple layers of security to prevent any cyber attacks and other malicious behavior targetting your network. In case of any disaster, we make sure that your business operations run smoothly without any hiccups. By deploying our backup services, you can sleep peacefully knowing well that all your data is safe and secure and that you will only experience minimal downtime in the case something does go wrong. Never wait a minute to backup your critical data. Do it now! Contact us for a highly rated managed IT services that will give you peace of mind and security of your information.