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We have come across many business owners whoa re unhappy with their in-house IT or current service provider. The common problem they talked about is the lacked of proactive approach from their staff. As such, REALTIME Technologies business mantra is developing a proactive approach and building custom solutions that are unique for each client. We have with us a library of services that have all been built to stack on one another. We are always on the lookout for issues and identifying an issue on your system before they disrupt your business operations.

Our 24/7 monitoring and support keep a keen eye on the functions of your systems. We protect your system functions with antivirus and intrusion protection software. These security features actively explore your system for signs of intrusion and they can execute predetermined actions against any attacks. We also provide help desk assistance where your staff can speak directly to one of our highly qualified engineers.

Our data backup and protection is always on hand to prevent a disaster and to get your business running without interruption. REALTIME Technologies will also optimize your system operations with methods like server virtualization in order to get the most out of your existing hardware. We also do consulting so that you can keep building on better IT strategies in the future.

Your Targets Dictate Our Services

Cutting-edge technology is basically useless without custom solutions. We tailor our services as per your needs because we know that every business has different needs. Customization enables us to cater to your interests better and help you achieve your business goals. For example, we would recommend a cloud service to any client, but the cloud platform and the data center you use will be assigned as per your requirements. This will help you cut cost while still being able to get the best service.

Our remote support for cloud managed services offers a great advantage. You will not need someone on site 24/7 to address your issues. As such, you’ll save time and money. REALTIME Technologies’s managed services are designed for any small business which understands the need for stable infrastructure to get their business running at an affordable cost.