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We Protect Your Systems, You Focus On Your Business

Of the many significant advantages of working with a managed service provider is the 24/7 attention we can deliver to your operations. As a professional partner, REALTIME Technologies will provide support in emergency situations, but our 24/7 monitoring and support is primarily a precaution for watching out for hazards against your software and hardware. This network support service is included in our managed services and is part of the single monthly fee.
Maintaining your network equipment is one of the ways that we deliver on the promise of giving you peace of mind with a stable and reliable system. This full-time support is there to protect the productivity of your business. Any type of service disruption can have a significant negative impact on the operations and revenue of your company, this is especially true for small businesses. One of the primary missions is to always defend the integrity of the functions of your business, and 24/7 monitoring is one of our best tools for staying on guard.

How We Detect Threats: 24/7 Monitoring

One of the ways that we conduct maintenance on your network infrastructure is with 24/7 monitoring and support. REALTIME Technologies will put network support services in place to watch your systems for signs of intrusion or unusual behavior. This managed service is there to alert us to possible threats and issues before they become major problems. If something is flagged in the middle of the night, our monitoring services will automatically generate tickets for us to address as soon as we are in the office the next morning.

The staff at REALTIME Technologies is available for immediate support 12 hours a day and 5 days a week. Outside of that service time, we will always have a technician on-call for emergency situations or high-priority issues like major outages or disruptions in your services. Our entire team is comprised of highly qualified IT professionals. Whether you call our emergency line or the standard phone system, you will be able to speak with a network support engineer.

We Are Always Alert Because Threats Aren’t Going Away

There are always going to be malicious software and new threats out there that are trying to invade or corrupt your data. REALTIME Technologies brings the same proactive strategy for security that we do for all of our services. It is better to be prepared for a hazard than to try and clean up the mess once it has struck. Many times a phishing attack or malicious email might sit quietly on your systems and not be apparent until it has already spread throughout your network. With 24/7 monitoring and support, REALTIME Technologies will get ahead of these threats and help maintain your productivity.